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“Over the past few years I have had a pleasure on several occasions to perform with Andrej Kurti at my International Guitar Festival, as well as at other events. Andrej is a very talented musician and has what I believe is a rare quality in classically trained concert violinist: he is able to play classical, rock and roll, country, and even ‘cajun’ fiddle. Andrej is a sweet and generous guy and it is an honor to have met and always look forward to performing with him.” – James Burton Multiple Grammy Awards Winner Member of The Rock&Roll Hall of Fame


“I’ve had the pleasure of performing with Andrej Kurti on several occasions. He is an amazing fiddler and I believe he actually improves each time I play with him. I think he is becoming more and more comfortable with cajun and country fiddling, and I am amazed how quickly he picks things up. ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’, in particular, I think he takes to a whole new level. I have been friends with Charlie Daniels for 30 years, and I think he’d be proud of the way Andrej performs his song.” – JoEl Sonnier Zydeco Legend Grammy Award Winner